Big news! Hart modem!50% discount!


Good news! Hart modem50% discount!

From August 19th to September 30th HART Modem is 50% off.

Please let me to introduce NCS-HM105 HART Modem for you.

HART Modem is an essential tool for instrument manufacturer product upgrades to control on-site signal conversion. Industrial automation instrument is upgrading from traditional 4~20mA analog control signal to industrial fieldbus with digital communication function. HART bus has digital communication function and it's compatible with 4~20mA analog control signal.


1. Full HART interface

2. Comply with HART physical layer specifications             

3. Two options of USB port and serial port

4. Transformer isolation, eliminating grounding effects                                    

5. Low power design, no external power supply required

HART Modem

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